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4 diseases in dogs and cats that come with the rain. Know how to prevent them beforehand!

Achoo!! During the rainy season, the most common diseases that we often encounter or are typical to those around us can be some common cold, influenza, dengue fever, or conjunctivitis. For those who have to be soaked in water for a long period of time, they may encounter skin diseases such as foot ulcers. Some diseases can be prevented by vaccination, exercise, consuming nutritious food, maintaining cleanliness of the body, and getting enough sleep. In fact, pets, like dogs and cats, can catch diseases that owners should be aware of during the rainy season as well, including ways to prevent it. Today, we have gathered useful information for owners to be cautious about.

Heartworm Disease


Symptoms can range from mild ones, such as losing appetite, coughing, sneezing, and symptoms that may resemble colds and anemia, to more severe symptoms such as pneumonia, difficulty breathing, liver and kidney failure, or even death.

Ways to prevent the disease

1. Drops of Selamectin anthelmintic solution in a back-drop form will help and should be used regularly; 1 time per month.

2. Avoid getting your pet bitten by mosquitoes because all types of mosquitoes carry this disease.




Pneumonia can be caused by pets choking, inhaling mold, or allergens into the body. Pets will have high fever, runny nose, cough, have much gum (in the eyes), lethargy, loss of appetite, watery eyes, and difficulty breathing. Some may even be breathless. For this disease, if the pet's immunity is not strong enough, symptoms can get worse, which may unfortunately cause death.

Ways to prevent the disease

1. Keeping your home clean from mold and allergens.

2. Keeping your pets warm, which includes sleeping in a dry, clean place.

3. Avoid pets that may cause choking.


► Tick-Borne Disease


Symptoms include drowsiness, loss of appetite, fever, anemia, and owners may notice the color of their gums or conjunctiva. In some cases, vomiting and diarrhea may occur. However, symptoms depend on the stage at which the disease is at. The severity of the disease and symptoms observed may vary.

Ways to prevent the disease

1. Always keep the house clean and tidy in every spot, in order to prevent ticks and fleas from fertilizing or laying eggs, especially during the rainy season.

2. Use medications and/or specific products that are used to get rid of fleas and ticks. Such as back-drops or oral medication for dogs and cats. Typically dropping the medication once a month or once a month during a 3-month period.

3. Regularly observe your pet's body to get rid of fleas and ticks.


► Skin Disease


Pets may feel itchy and frequently scratch their skin. They may show signs of severe scratching, rashes, dry, red skin, flaking, scabs, patches of hair loss, or hair loss over the body in large areas. In addition, if the irritation is severe, there may also be signs of wounds.

Ways to prevent the disease

1. Keep pets in a dry, clean place and should not be exposed to rain drops.

2. Keep the fur and skin of your dogs and cats dry and clean.


Although some diseases may not show immediate symptoms, the incubation period may take weeks, months, or even longer. Pets may get various germs during the rainy season. Therefore, taking care of their health on a regular basis will help them positively in the long run. However, when pets start to get sick, whether the symptoms are mild or severe, they should be immediately taken to the veterinarian for a diagnosis to treat the disease quickly and in a timely manner.




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