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Check out the facts! Is your cat getting the appropriate food for their age?

You are what you eat! A classic phrase that can still be adapted to today, because the food that we intake each day affects our health and body shape directly, but did you know that cats also need complete nutrition and age-appropriate food? They need a complete diet full of nutrition and age-appropriate food like us, humans. Today, we have ways to choose the age-appropriate food for your cats.

The 5 stages of a cat’s age and food choices that need attention.

1.  Newborn (0 - 4 weeks old)
Let’s start with newborn kittens, which age between 0 - 4 weeks. Kittens in this age range need special attention and need nutrition from their mother’s milk. The milk is rich in protein and DHA, which is essential for their growth and development. Also, their body will gain a stronger immune system.

2.  Kittens (1 - 6 months old)
During the first 1 - 2 months is when the kittens are just weaned. They should be given special wet food for kittens, especially for them to adapt well. This is also for them to adapt to eating food other than their mother’s milk. From 3 - 4 months and onwards, you may start with other options of food that are easily digestible, easy to take in, and formulated for kittens. The importance is to focus on the important nutrients such as taurine, protein, vitamin E, and omega 3

3.  Junior (7 months & above)
Let’s continue with junior cats. Which are the age of 7 months and above. You should focus on giving them food that contains important nutrients, calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus. In this age range, they can already switch to kibbles.

4.  Adult (1 - 6 years old)
For adult cats between the ages of 1 - 6 years old, we need to focus on choosing food that has protein, fiber, fatty acids, vitamins and focus on foods that contain calcium. These nutrients will help strengthen their bones and teeth.

5.  Mature (7 - 10 years old & above)
This is one of the most important age ranges in cats. Which is between 7 - 10 years old and above. This is known as entering old age in cats. They should be given foods that are low in fat and energy with omega 3 and focusing on fiber that helps with excretion. You may also give them wet food instead of kibbles. 

Tips: What kind of food should pregnant/lactating cats intake?
You should emphasize on giving them foods that are high in protein but low in fat. In fact, you should also give them food in a moderate amount, not too much and not too little, to prevent obesity, which will cause them to have difficulty in giving birth.


If cats receive good, useful nutrients in each age range appropriately, it will definitely help make them healthy, fit, and in a good mood because food is the beginning of good health. Now you know the facts, don’t forget to pay close attention when choosing age-appropriate food for your cats.




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