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What to do in the cold weather? 6 tips to take care of your pets in winter

The cold wind has begun to blow, you can already feel the coldness. Many people may already start to plan for a family trip, both local trips and traveling abroad. But don't forget to take care of your pets, like your dogs and cats. It’s a must to prepare them for the cold weather, especially when the weather is rapidly changing like this. Our pets can get sick and ill very easily because of the weather since they aren’t able to adapt well. Today, we have 6 great tips for taking care of your pets during the winter.



Tips for taking care of your pets in winter

1. Always giving your pets some clothes to keep them warm

Start off with searching for clothes that help keep your pet warm by choosing comfortable fabrics that fit their shape and size. These clothes should also be easy to clean.


2. Pay close attention to their mattress or cushion

Besides clothes, another thing to pay attention to is their mattress or seat cushion. The mattress should be thick and soft with good ventilation. This will prevent pets from directly touching the cold floor.


3. A strong immune system is the first line of defense

Annual vaccination or vaccines against certain diseases can help build your pet’s immune system. By regularly checking their vaccination booklet and the date should not be overdue.


4. Focusing on the main food, but also supplements

We need to focus on our pet’s food, regardless of the weather. We should select a food formula that is full of nutrients and suitable for the ages of our dogs and cats. In addition, you may add supplements to some meals, it's even better that way.


5. This zone is perfect!

The next important tip is picking out a zone or area that is suitable for pets to relax, lie down, play or do various activities, in which the air should be ventilated, not too hot, not humid, and not too cold.


6. About fur and bathing

Even though the weather is cold, you still need to take care of your pet’s cleanliness, keep their fur from getting tangled, give them a bath and blow dry them completely. You may select a time during late afternoon or during the day when the weather is not too cold. Taking care of their fur and cleanliness will help reduce skin diseases caused by moisture and dirt caught in their hair for sure.


Tips: When pets get sick, can you give human medicine to them?

Highly not recommended! When pets get sick, they should be taken to the veterinarian to assess any symptoms and they should be taking medicine under the doctor's order, which is safe and best for pets.


When you’ve already prepared for your pet’s health during the cold weather like this, you can now pack your bags and travel with ease. Oh! And don't forget to take your pet out for some exercise regularly as well. No matter how cold the weather may be, with these tips, your pets can fight the weather comfortably for sure, because your dogs and cats are happy, have good health, and are far away from any disease and sickness, and of course, owners are happy as well.




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