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Ways to notice if your dogs and cats are bored with their meal

Raise your hands if your dogs and cats are bored of their food!!
When pets show signs of being bored with their food or meal, it’s common for us pet owners to be anxious and try to find the cause. As well as trying to find a way or solution in getting their eating habits back to normal. Those who are facing such problems should not miss these great techniques that we’ve brought today.


How to notice when your dog or cat starts to feel bored with their food?

The amount of their daily food intake starts to decrease.
They start to ignore or only sniff their food.
Ignoring the food, even if it’s their favorite.


► 5 Tips that lead to solutions for dogs and cats that feel bored with their food
For those of you who have dogs or cats that feel bored of their food, we have 5 simple tips to help replace boring food and transform it into a delicious dish.

1. Adjusting the food to be different from normal
For some weeks, you can try alternating meals for 1-2 days. For some meals you can give them kibble and alternate with a BARF diet. You can even feed them kibble for a day and alternate it with a BARF diet for the other day. These schedules can be adjusted according to each pet's preferences.

2. Mix with wet food
Mixing kibble with wet food is another way to help change a normal meal into becoming more delicious. Also, it allows a new taste experience for dogs and cats as well.

3. Adding snacks to some meals
Try adding some of their favorite snacks into their meals. This will help stimulate appetite in dogs and cats. But snacks should be given in the right amount and not in such large quantities because it can cause addiction that can lead to an unhealthy diet.

4. Always warming up their food
A freshly cooked or reheated food can increase aroma and palatability. You can even try adding a small amount of warm water into their food to add deliciousness.

5. Let’s change pets behavior!
Above all, in addition to adjusting their meal, changing a pet's behavior is as important. Such as giving them regular exercise, which helps reduce stress and helps their digestive system in working more efficiently. Other examples could be scheduling a time to give dogs and cats their meals or adjusting their meal time.


Dogs and cats feeling bored with their food can come from many causes. Some of them may be picky eaters; they may feel stressed; changing the food or giving them too many snacks can be a cause as well. They may even have health problems such as oral or abdominal problems or even various illnesses. If these problems are ignored, thinking it’s a small problem, it may lead to more serious health problems for pets in the future. Therefore, if you find symptoms of your pets feeling bored from their meals, it should not be ignored and best seek to consult a veterinarian for the cause.




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