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An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Switching Cat’s Food in 7 Days

Each cat has its own favourite and familiar taste. In order to switch the all-time favourite food into the new one, cat owners need to know that the menu should be gradually changed to prevent your cat from getting stomachache or any danger that could happen by following these easy-to-follow tips, and it will take only 7 days to complete!


Why should we switch the cat’s food?

Sometimes, you might have decided that it is the high time we should change the type of food for our favourite kitty. The reasons for changing the food may be happened from various factors, whether it is because

1) Your little kitten is growing up to become a full-grown cat
2) The cat’s health needs have been changed which might require more proper nutrition
3) Upon the cat owner’s desire to change the type of food whether to be moist or canned cat food, dry cat food or mixed cat food


Nowadays, the cat food has been progressively developed to ensure that the food is being balanced and being appropriate with the age range, physical state and lifestyle for each cat, and to completely grant the nutritional benefits to the cat without the risk of being malnutrition. That means the cat owners tend to frequently switch the cat’s food along with the variety type of food to be chosen.


Cat food transition, why should it be carefully done?

First experience of food plays an important role in the long-term food preference of the kitty. Therefore, prior to bringing new little kitty home, the cat lovers should be aware of which kind of
food that this kitty used to have since kittens will adjust to new environment a lot easier if they have been provided the same food with the one that they used to have.

Similarly, if there is the transition of food, it should be gradually done in all age ranges as some cats might be suspicious when it comes to the new food. This behaviour is called the fear of new food or Neophobia, it is believed that cats will develop this phobia in order to prevent them from poisonous food or contaminated food. This will be the explanation of why you should gradually

increase the portion of a new food and this will also reduce factors that create stress, including prevent the cat from the refusal to try a new food.


Guide to switching food for your dearest cat

Did you know that gradual transition to a new cat food by mixing the new food with the old food for at least one week is considered to be the best method and the best period of time?

Besides, using this method will also prevent your cat from stomach pain, Neophobia or other anxieties.

Tips are to begin with mixing with the small amount of the new food, then gradually increase the portion of the new food until your cat has completely transitioned to have only the new food.


Day 1 and 2 – 75% of old food mixing with 25% of new food
Day 3 and 4 – 50% of old food mixing with 50% of new food
Day 5 and 6 – 25% of old food mixing with 75% of new food
Day 7 – 100% of new food


Cautions : your cat’s usual feeding routine should remain the same, being strict with the former food time and eating environment, in order to minimize the changes and to ensure that cats are feeling at ease during the transition.


Carefully keep an eye on your cat

When it comes to the transition, do not forget to closely observe the cat’s behaviour to see how your cat reacts to the new food. If the suitable food is given, it will result in good physical conditions, including healthy weight and quality of excrement.


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