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Are clothes necessary for dogs and cats? Which breeds are required to wear them?

When entering winter, we will see a variety of winter fashion out there, a variety of eye-catching colors, which is no different with pet’s fashion clothes that are equally bold. Seeing the choices of clothes picked for them is like bringing a small fashion week to the house. In addition, we are united in showing off their cuteness and adorableness, often seen on social media, but in fact, has anyone ever wondered how necessary those clothes are? Do dogs and cats really need to wear coats in winter? Let's find out.



Are clothes necessary for dogs and cats?

The necessity of clothes for dogs and cats may not be clearly measured because there are many factors involved, such as the length and thickness of their hair according to their breed, the environment of the house, and the overall habitat. If you are in Thailand, there may not be as much winter or the temperature may not be as low as living in a country with a cold climate, however, it would be better to observe if your pet has a cold or not.


Do: If your pet has symptoms such as curling up, tremors, and pale gums, they may have a cold. Clothes should be worn for them by choosing the right amount of thickness on the fabric, according to the hair length of their breed.

Don’t: If your pets show resistance in wearing clothes, you shouldn't force them because there may be some undesirable behaviors that follow through. For example, stress, fear, and frustration, which can have negative effects.


Which breeds need clothes during the winter?

Dogs: Such as Greyhound, Dalmatian, French Bulldog, Chinese Crested, Pug, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Miniature Pinscher, and Jack Russell Terrier

Cats: Such as Sphynx, Devon Rex, Siamese Cat, Abyssinian cat, and Bambino


In addition to letting pets wear clothes during the cold weather, we may look for other suitable ways to help relieve the cold for dogs and cats, such as allowing them to sleep on a warm bed and avoid taking them outside. For those who raise pets in a semi-open or semi-closed manner, during cold weather, limit the amount of time your pet is outdoors. Including the temperature in the house that can be adjusted to an appropriate temperature, this will help them get warmer and relieve coldness.




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