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Ways to cool down your pet during Summer!

In this furious heat, strong sunlight, temperature exceeding the thermometer, many of you may be thinking of favorite, diverse ways to cool down. For example, devouring ice cream, turning on the air conditioner, or even random showers. But what about your pets? How do you find proper ways to cool down your pets? Pets, like us, can also feel the heat, causing heatstroke. For those of you who still haven’t got ideas to cool down your dogs and cats at home, we have some amazing tips and tricks just for you!

► Heat Stroke in pets
If you find your pets having any of the following symptoms: rapid heartbeat, high body temperature, salivation, breathlessness, vomiting, dizziness, abnormal gazes, or even having a seizure (other abnormalities can also be observed), both after outdoor activities or on a hot, sunny day, you should find a way to cool them down right away.


Ways to cool down your pet during Summer!

► 7 simple ways to cool down your pets
You already know the symptoms of heat stroke and ways to observe such symptoms. Let’s look at some simple ways to cool down your pets. Simple ways to relieve heat and reduce heat stroke are as follows:

1. Use a damp cloth to wipe your pets
Soak a cloth or towel in plain or cold water, wring it out, and gently wipe your pets fur, face, body, stomach, and paws. This will help relieve and cool down the body temperature of your dogs and cats.

2. Avoid covering your pets mouth
When your pet is panting and drooling, gaming your pet should be avoided, especially in dogs. Since dogs and cats don’t have sweat glands on their skin, it causes them to open their mouths with their tongues hanging out, as can be commonly seen, and it’s a way that they relieve heat from their body.

3. Giving them enough water to drink
It’s a must to provide your pets with enough water, around the corners of your house, and if you take your pets outside, you should also bring extra water for them. On really hot, sunny days, you can provide them with cold or ice water to help them relieve heat as well.

4. Keep your pets in a well-ventilated atmosphere
You should not allow pets to be in a car for a long period of time, as well as closed rooms where air doesn’t flow.
You should keep your pets in a well-ventilated room or atmosphere; if the temperature rises too high, you should turn on the fan or air conditioner to help them relieve heat from their body.

5. Take them out for a swim or play in the water
Taking your pets out for a swim or playing in the water at home can be another activity for your pets. They can have fun, exercise, and relieve body heat at the same time.

6. Changing their favorite toys into ice cubes
You might usually give your dogs and cats something to play with or chew on, whether it’s a ball, plushie, or a tether in various shapes. Try changing these toys into ice cubes; gently toss them around, allowing them to gnaw, bite, and lick the ice cubes. It’s a fun activity for them and can relieve body heat very well.

7. Refrain from outdoor activities during strong sunlight
On hot, sunny days, pets should not be allowed to do outdoor activities or exercise. This is to avoid the occurrence of heat stroke symptoms.


Observing your pets and their behaviors, from time-to-time during the hot weather, will allow you to prevent your pet’s heat stroke in a timely manner. Which includes helping your pets relieve body heat with methods as mentioned above. For example, using a damp cloth to wipe your pets when they are found to have unusual symptoms of tiredness; giving your pet enough water or cold water on hot, sunny days, or changing their favorite toys into ice cubes. All of these can help relieve symptoms and can also help prevent heat stroke in a way.



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