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Is it true that Turmeric can relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs? Find out here!

“Turmeric” is a herb with many properties and benefits; it helps treat gastroenteritis, boosts immunity, and can also be used as spice in many dishes, including boiled chicken with turmeric, crab curry with betel leaves, fermented fish entrails soup, or Southern yellow Thai curry. It can also be used as a skin scrub and a mask that helps nourish the skin to become smooth.

Out of all these benefits, turmeric can be used in animal feed as an ingredient as well, which can help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs. Is that true though? Let’s find out together!

► The initial symptoms in dogs that indicate knee osteoarthritis

First of all, it’s important to observe the dog’s behavior and general daily lives. This will help you indicate if your dog is suffering from health problems related to joint, allowing quick treatment and the symptoms will be in mild stages.

Symptoms can be observed as follows:

1. Difficulty to balance, including trembling legs.

2. Unable to lie on hard or stiff surfaces; have difficulty sleeping.

3. When changing posture or body movement, whether it’d be walking, sitting, standing, or laying down, there will be pain and screams.

4. When walking, the dog’s legs may sway back and forth, which can cause collision.

5. Difficulty in running or doing activities that require the use of leg muscles.

►Handling osteoarthritis in dogs

Now, we have observed the initial symptoms of a dog with osteoarthritis; let’s see ways to deal with this kind of disease.

1. Taking your dog to the veterinarian for treatment.

2. Give the dog medicine as prescribed.

3. Control the dog’s food consumption and be sure to give them a complete meal, refraining from food that can directly cause the disease.

4. Take your dog out to exercise regularly by choosing appropriate activities.

5. Physical therapy to restore or nourish their joints and muscles.

6. Dogs may need surgery, in cases that have severe disease; this treatment is usually a decision that the physician needs to make.

► Can turmeric really help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs?

As you know, turmeric has various medicinal properties. It has been popular over the years and has become essential in families, which is unbelievable that turmeric can be beneficial for dogs as well, in terms of relieving symptoms of osteoarthritis. This is due to the herbs anti-inflammatory effect, and it can also reduce joint pain in dogs from a substance called curcuminoids, which can be a substitute for steroids. Turmeric has other benefits in dogs as well, such as:

• Preventing cataracts.

• Helps fight off bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

• Helps cure liver disease.

• Relieves any allergy symptoms.

• Helps get rid of fleas.

• Can treat certain skin diseases.

• Can be a treatment for diarrhea.

• Has the ability to maintain a healthy heart.

• Works as an antioxidant.

• Helps detoxify.

• Improves the digestive system effectively.


Giving turmeric to dogs and using it as treatment or relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis needs consulting from a veterinarian or specialists in terms of ingredients, frequency, and quantity in use. Especially if your dog has congenital or other chronic diseases, in order to prevent any inappropriate treatment and also to avoid affecting the existing diseases from having more severe symptoms.





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